welcoming, inclusive, supportive and engaged

No matter who you are or where you are on life' s journey,

You are welcome here.

Still SPeaking

"We believe that Christ-centered living is formed by the ways people worship, study, and nurture each other.

We submit ourselves in prayer and worship to God and celebrate with grateful ears God's grace and forgiveness at work in the world.

We seek spiritual growth in our life through study.

We express the inclusive hospitality of Jesus Christ by welcoming all into fellowship.

We are called to serve others, advocating for those most in need as we strive to create a more just and peaceful world.

Radical hospitality & Generosity

Speaking with a strong voice, we advocate for issues like the Non-Discrimination Ordinance, homelessness, Native American support and accompaniment, food and social justice. 

We reach out, cross lines, and stand firm against injustice. 

We believe all are welcome to the table. We fight for diversity, family and community, we welcome the poor, the oppressed, the marginalized, advocating and taking action.

Sacred Community

This is a church that believes community is a sacrament; a sacred thing, precious, worth investing in, caring for, fighting for, making space for, holding in sorrow and in joy and celebration. 

We strive to create a place for community and spiritual life, rich with spiritual  practices and worship, a place of connection and belonging, a broad space for community life and conduct, a place of healing and celebration, a place of personal and social transformation, a sanctuary.


Our UCC denomination is curious and discerns, that questions and audits itself and how it perpetuates and interacts in a “just world for all”.  It draws us into the world with a message of healing, transformation, 

wholeness and hope.

We believe that the Church is a gathered community of people seeking to respond to God's love, informed by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit.

This particular community of faith known as First Congregational United Church of Christ has been organized to enable its members to discover God's will, receive and give support and to reach out in mission to the community and the world.

A WISE Congregation for Mental Health


We, the people of The First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, of Billings, Montana, we are graced by the gifts, stories, and experiences of all our members, including those living with mental health challenges such as, but not limited to, stress, depression, anxiety, mental illnesses, brain disorders, addictions, and trauma. We understand that mental health challenges are something that we all experience at various times throughout our lives. We know these challenges can profoundly disturb our feelings, thoughts, and behavior. We acknowledge the stigma, trauma, and pain that can be associated with mental health challenges as well as validate that religious institutions and groups have caused and/or contributed to throughout history. We recognize that marginalized groups continue to struggle with mental health challenges at a higher rate and often receive less care. We care about the whole person: body, heart, mind, and soul. We understand that all people have unique health needs and mental health is fluid. We commit to becoming a congregation who isn’t afraid to speak about mental health challenges, care for ourselves, our staff, and our congregation, and our wider community with non-judgement and love. 

Read the full covenant here.