Billings first church Music

Here at Billings First Congregational Church, we offer a variety of musical offerings  and invite you to join us!  From the BFCC Chorale, the BFCC Handbell Choir, the BFCC Courageous Concert Series, instrumentalist, music library archival & upkeep, concert series volunteer, response leader, BFCC Chorale soloist, to special music during services, your desire to be “in-the-spotlight” or “behind-the-scenes” will be completely accommodated and very welcome.

BFCC Chorale

The chorale here at BFCC explores all styles of music ranging from classical to contemporary pop/rock. The time commitment is mimimal, 1.5 hour rehearsals, 1-2 times per week, concentrating on service performances during Advent, Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost. No audition and no experience necessary, just a willingness to learn and have fun! Oh, and if you can actually carry a tune, I found that proves to be helpful.

Handbell Choir

Hand Bells here at BFCC this past year have been exciting! We’ve been exploring original arrangements of contemporary Christian pop/rock tunes while performing with soloists, piano, and pipe organ. No audition, and the time commitment is only one 1.5 hours rehearsal per week. Previous handbell experience is absolutely NOT required, but previous music-reading ability is. Even if the last time you read music was in your teens, we can make that work!

Meet our Music Director

William Demaniow

William is a fairly recent transplant to Billings from NYC, having worked professionally for two decades in the theatre world and Broadway community. His private voice clients have appeared in over 75 Broadway productions ranging from Wicked to Frozen to Phantom of the Opera. He loves dividing his time as a music director, vocal coach, pianist, actor, singer, composer, arranger, and visual artist. The William Demaniow Arts Gallery is located right here throughout BFCC. Please visit for more info, upcoming events, or a private gallery tour. 

Contact William at 347-351-5573 or