Kids Ministry

In our Kids Ministry, our mission is to help kids explore their faith  through creative expression spiritual practices. We believe that kids have the capacity to walk intimately with God, and we love to see them learn about and connect with our Creator when creating, learning, and growing through service community.

Youth Group

Sunday Lunches | following Service | gRADES 6-12TH

Billings First Church wants to invite all youth grades 6-12 to lunch each Sunday following service (around noon).

Our goal for Youth Group is for it to truly become our youth’s ministry. Each young person, both in the congregation and the broader local community, has God-given talents to share. Each young person has a God-given mind that is often filled with questions and curiosity. We want BFCC’s youth ministry to be a place where we can ask questions, explore various topics, learn about our world and ourselves, and grow in community with one another.

Our Youth Director Marcus has lots of ideas for religious education, service projects, Bible studies, and more. But ultimately, we want you, the youth, to decide what happens at your Youth Group. We look forward to working with you.


Children's CHurch

Sundays | pre-k - 5th | During Service

As we move to the end of summer and into autumn, Billings First Church is excited to share our plans for Children’s ministry. Starting on September 25th, we will be offering Children’s Church on Sundays during our regular worship services. Children (preschool – 5th grade) will join with the whole congregation for the beginning of worship each Sunday. After “time for young at heart”, volunteers will lead the children to our classroom where Children’s Church will be held.

This fall we begin a 12-week curriculum called An Illustrated Invitation: Joining God at Work in the World. We will be learning about how God has been at work in the world, and how ordinary people have been called to join in and work alongside God. In section 1 of the curriculum, we will explore four stories from the Hebrew Scriptures about people who were invited to be a part of bringing God’s redeeming love into the world. In section 2, we will study four New Testament stories about how God works through us, identify how we see God at work in the world today, and find ways to join in that work. And in section 3, we will explore ways we can accept God’s invitation to help all people be blessed and flourish.

We look forward to this next year of children’s ministry at BFCC and we hope that you will join us.

What to expect on Sundays.

marcus frye, he/him

SInce I became the Youth and Young Adult Director in May 2022, I have felt nothing but welcome and encouragement from this congregation. My partner Nathan and I were welcomed (and put to work) almost immediately. As Nathan and I have gotten to know Billings, it has been so wonderful to have such an amazing community to ground us. 

I am humbled by the challenging questions that doing this work makes me ask. What does youth ministry look like in the context of Billings First Church’s unique expression of faith? How can youth ministry engage young people in a serious exploration of their relationship with God, while also being fun? How do we as a church equip young people to respond to God’s calls towards justice, peace, and mercy?

I don’t think anyone but God has perfect answers to all of those questions. However, I think there are actions that we can take in our youth ministry to put us on the path toward answering them. To that end, I have a few things planned for the next year. The Scriptures that we have inherited as Christians are a treasure trove. It’s Important that children and young people not only learn about what is in scripture, but also learn how to wrestle and engage with it. 

I truly look forward to the next amazing year of Youth Ministry at Billings First Church. 

Marcus Frye

BFCC Youth Director

Upcoming Youth Offerings

Hang tight while we look up scheduled events...