with Barbara Gulick, Spiritual Director in residence

Spiritual Director Barbara Gulick is available for Spiritual Direction either at the church or at her home office by appointment. Spiritual Direction is a communal spiritual practice that brings together a director and a directee on a regular basis, usually once month, for an hour in person, on Zoom or Skype, or by phone, for the purpose of exploring and bringing to clarity the directee’s inner life journey. A potential directee might seek out a spiritual director

  • To find a spiritual practice that nourishes and sustains

  • To explore a closer relationship with God

  • To develop a more conscious experience of the Holy in one’s daily life

  • To identify and trust one’s own experience of God

  • To share one’s hopes, struggles, and losses

  • To integrate spirituality into one’s daily life

  • To discern and make difficult choices

  • To develop a sensitivity for justice and concern for the marginalized

  • To live the essence of one’s spiritual affiliation with integrity

“The Listening Lady” will also be offering spiritual direction to children and youth, especially those whose families have no religious affiliation or who are in crisis, such as homelessness. Contact Barbara Gulick at barbaragulick@billingsfirstchurch.org or 406-661-4831 to schedule an appointment to see if spiritual direction is right for you. There are no fees; donations for spiritual direction may be made to Billings First Church.